Implicit Surfaces for CAD and Computer Graphics

Written by Michael J. Pratt (external)

Michael J. Pratt

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, USA

Keynote talk in English
WSCG 1999
February 11, 1999
University of West Bohemia


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Most commercial CAD systems use parametric representations (e.g., NURBS) for defining freeĀ­form shapes. This leads to significant problems in certain types of geometric computation, and also in the exchange of CAD models between different systems. The paper suggests that there are good reasons for developing alternative approaches to the representation of freeĀ­form shapes in CAD, based on the use of algebraic surfaces. Work in this direction is currently at an early stage, but some fruitful directions are being identified. The paper surveys the current state of this work, suggests possible applications for algebraic surfaces in CAD and computer graphics, and identifies some fruitful research areas.

keywords: algebraic surfaces, implicit surfaces, computer graphics, CAD

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