Fidelity Metrics for Animation

Written by Carol O'Sullivan (external)

Carol O'Sullivan

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Keynote talk in English
WSCG 2004
February 5, 2004
University of West Bohemia


In this talk, the problem of evaluating the fidelity of animations will be addressed. The concept of plausible simulation has recently be receiving much attention, and I will present a review of this field and discuss how perceptual metrics are necessary to ensure that such animations are truly perceived as real. Then, our recent work in the development of such metrics will be presented. This includes investigations into the perception of collisions and, more recently, psychophysical experiments that examined human sensitivity to dynamic anomalies, leading to the first steps to developing a metric to evaluate the visual fidelity of physically - based animations. Finally, the efforts to develop perceptual metrics for other types of animation, including multi-modal systems and character animation, will also be discussed.

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