Morphing of geometrical objects in boundary representation

Written by Martina Málková

Martina Málková

University of West Bohemia

Seminar in Czech
May 31, 2010 at 14:15
University of West Bohemia, UL411


Morphing is a technique for smooth transformation between two objects, however, it may be also used as a tool for modeling new objects from existing ones. In our work, we address both areas. We work with objects in boundary representation (simple polygons in 2D, triangle meshes in 3D). First, we present a new method for natural growth-like transformation, working both in 2D and 3D. Then, we focus on morphing faces, as modeling and animating faces is a very important task in computer graphics. We present a tool for computing average faces from scanned data, which we developed to create face models for psychological tests on face perception, done by psychologists from Charles University in Prague. Possible ideas for further research concerning face meshes are also presented.

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