Invited Talks

#Article TitleDate
1Computer Vision: generic and advanced principles2017-03-15
2Automatická analýza obrazů živých buněk a jejich simulace2017-01-17
3Sampling-based motion planning2015-12-12
4Virtuální realita - Extrémní optimalizace2014-11-25
5Zobrazování stromových struktur v hyperbolickém prohlížeči2014-05-20
6Odhad parametrů kartografického zobrazení z mapy2013-11-21
7Compressive Rendering: an application of Compressive Sensing to global illumination2013-12-05
8Detekce objektů v obraze, postupy a akcelerace2012-11-13
9Physically Based Weathering Simulation of Natural Objects Based on Biological Analysis2012-06-26
10A Bigger Mathematical Picture for Computer Graphics2012-06-25
11Overcoming Physical Limitations of Display Devices in Rendering2012-06-26
12Digital Technology and Traditional Arts2012-06-21
13Physically-based Haptic Rendering for Virtual Hand Interaction2012-06-21
14Virtual try-on and exhibition2012-06-21
15Variational Constructions using Algebraic Curves and Surfaces2012-05-22
16Akcelerátory výpočtů v plovoucí řadové čárce v programovatelných hradlových polích. Jak sestavit signálový procesor "na míru"?2011-12-06
17Rational methods in geometry: Euclidean and non-Euclidean2011-08-30
18Evoluční algoritmy a jejich využití2011-03-10
19An Information Theory Framework for Viewpoint Selection and Mesh Saliency2011-02-02
20Quad meshes vs Triangle meshes: What is better?2011-02-01
21Akcelerace algoritmů počítačové grafiky a zpracování videa (Programovatelný hardware nebo i jinak)2010-12-08
22Virtual Landscaping2010-02-03
23Plenoptic Camera and Integral Photography2010-02-02
24Computer Visualisation of Medical Data - Towards Better Healthcare for You2009-12-16
25Rigid Body Motion and Conformal Geometric Algebra2009-09-04
26Fourier and Wavelet Transformations in Geometric Algebra2009-09-03
27Using Geometric Algebra for Navigation in Riemannian and Hard Disc Space2009-09-03
28Conformal Geometric Algebra by Extended Vahlen Matrices2009-09-02
29TESLA GPU Computing & CUDA Parallel Programming Architecture: A Revolution in High Performance Computing and Visualization2009-02-04
30Visualization with Knowledge and Style2009-02-04
31Visualization in Flatland2009-02-09
32Multimodal & Perceptual User Interfaces. Applications in Disable and Elderly People2008-02-08
33Virtual Iraq: Initial Results from a VR Exposure Therapy Application for Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder2008-02-07
34Perception-Based Integration of Vision and Touch in Virtual Environments2008-02-06
35The Visual Computing of Projector-Camera Systems2008-02-05
36Shape Comparison, Simplification, and Compression2007-02-01
373D Video and Free Viewpoint Video ? Technologies, Applications and MPEG Standards2007-01-31
38Intuitive Editing of Surface Meshes2007-01-30
39High Fidelity Simulations & Enabling Technologies - Future Directions in Mechanical Engineering2006-09-27
40From Mozart and Freud to .Net Technologies2006-06-01
41Real-Time Massive 3D Data Capture and Geometry Processing2006-02-02
42Dealing with Optical Material Properties in Computer Graphics and Vision-Time 2006-01-31
43Scalable Visualization using Commodity Clusters: Challenges and Solutions2005-02-03
44Adapting Computer Game Technology to Build a Surgical Simulator2005-02-02
45Welcome to the 13th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2005!2005-02-01
46Fidelity Metrics for Animation2004-02-05
47Expressive Volume Rendering2004-02-03
48Cyber Graphics2004-02-03
49Blobs for Representing and Visualization 3D Objects2003-02-06
50Large Model Visualization: Techniques and Applications2003-02-04
51Welcome to the 11-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2003!2003-02-04
52Human in the Loop and Ubiquitous Computing: Technologies for the Virtuality, Continuum and Intelligent Environments2002-02-07
53Active Visualization in a Multidisplay Immersive Environment2002-02-05
54Volume Visualization: Technology to Tools2001-02-08
55Using Vision for Animating Virtual Humans2001-02-06
56Natural Lighting Simulation Techniques2000-02-10
57Computer Graphics in the 21st Century: The Virtualization of Everything2000-02-09
58Computer Graphics and Visualization into the new Millenium2000-02-08
59 Implicit Surfaces for CAD and Computer Graphics1999-02-11
60Handling Large Data Sets1999-02-10
61Cut Locus and Medial Axis in the Euclidean Space and on Surfaces1999-02-09
62Communicating with Virtual Characters1998-02-12
63Automatic Modeling of Smooth Spline Surfaces1997-02-14
64Towards Virtual Surgery: Goals and Achievements1997-02-11
65Differential Geometric Concepts and Methods in CAGD1996-02-14
663D Clothes Animation and Fashion Show Simulation1996-02-13
67Design of a Graphics Architecture Bridging the Gap between Modeling and Rendering1996-02-12

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