Mesh statistics for robust curvature estimation

Mesh statistics for robust curvature estimation

In this project we were investigating the accuracy of curvature estimators for triangle meshes. We have created a benchmarking framework that allows pefroming large scale experiments with randomized data. The framework, together with the source code, can be downloaded here:

The results will be presented at the SGP 2016 conference in the following paper:

Libor Váša, Petr Vaněček, Martin Prantl, Věra Skorkovská, Petr Martínek, Ivana Kolingerová: Mesh statistics for robust curvature estimation

There is also a supplementary material available, showing some of the models used in the experiment.

Since the publication, we have found a few bugs. Results of a rerun of the experiment can be found here.


Note: We are currently planning to re-run the experiment with updated settings, if you have comments on how to change it to better server its purpose, please let us know by contanting Libor Váša,


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