18.6. 2020

Zuzana Majdišová and Michal Šmolík, both supervised by Václav Skala, have succesfully defended their Ph.D. theses today. Congratulations!

10.2. 2020

In February and March we will be having a visiting researcher, Gerasimos Arvanitis. Come by and say hello.

7.1. 2020

A paper on compressing evolving molecules by Jan Dvořák, Martin Maňák and Libor Váša has been accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling. A reference implementation is available here, let the compression start!

1.12. 2019

The grant proposal submitted by Libor Váša to the Czech Science Foundation entitled "Representation and processing methods for three dimensional dynamic shapes" has been approved for funding! Three years of research ahead of us :)

30.6. 2019

Lukáš Hruda, Jan Dvořák and Libor Váša will be presenting their work on mesh registration at this years Symposium on Geometry Processing. Come and see them, or have a look at the accompanying video!

28.2. 2019

Věra Skorkovská (supervised by Ivana Kolingerová) was awarded the Best Student Paper Award at conference GRAPP 2019 for the paper A Unified Curvature-driven Approach for Weathering and Hydraulic Erosion Simulation on Triangular Meshes, co-authored by Petr Vaněček. Congratulations!

11.12. 2018

Lukáš Hruda (supervised by Ivana Kolingerová) has placed 2nd in IT SPY (Student Project of the Year, masters category) 2018 competition ( Congratulations!

25.6. 2018

Jan Dvořák and Libor Váša will be presenting their work on limiting error propagation in Laplacian mesh compression at this years SGP.

14.9. 2017

A paper by Martin Prantl and Libor Váša on curvature and normal estimation in triangle meshes using RBF has been accepted for publication in The Visual Computer. More info and an implementation is available here.

9.8. 2017

Zuzana Majdišová and Václav Skala have a paper on comparison of different RBF approximation methods and their applications accepted for publication in the Applied Mathematical Modelling journal.

7.8. 2017

Zuzana Majdišová and Václav Skala have a paper on approximation of big geo datasets using CS-RBFs accepted for publication in the Computers & Geosciences journal.

19.4. 2017

V pátek 21.4. 2017 navštíví Fakultu aplikovaných věd jeden z předních odborníků na počítačem generovanou holografii, prof. Kyoji Matsushima z Kansai University v Japonsku. S členy skupiny počítačové grafiky a vizualizace z KIV bude diskutovat o nových trendech v počítačové holografii a na krátkou dobu zapůjčí dva generované hologramy vytvořené laserovou litografií.

9.2. 2017

A paper by Michal Šmolík and Václav Skala on Spherical RBF Vector Field Interpolation has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the SAMI 2017 conference.

18.1. 2017

Martin Maňák has succesfully defended his PhD thesis on visualising proteins, supervised by Ivana Kolingerová. Congratulations!

19.11. 2016

Two grant proposals, one by Václav Skala (Meshless methods for large scattered spatio-temporal vector data visualization) and one by Ivana Kolingerová (Methods of Identification and Visualization of Tunnels for Flexible Ligands in Dynamic Proteins), were accepted by the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) and will be funded in 2017-2019.


Michal Šmolík has presented a joint work with Václav Skala and Zuzana Majdišová on reducing the number of points on the convex hull calculation using the polar space subdivision in E2 at SIBGRAPI 2016. Check it out! :)

7.7. 2016

A paper on solving systems of linear equations using cross product and possibly without the division operation has been published by Václav Skala in LNCS 9786. Congratulations!

28.6. 2016

Václav Skala will today present his work on Plücker coordinates and extended cross product for robust and fast intersection computation at Computer Graphics International.

27.6. 2016

Our contributions to SGP 2016 are temporarily available for free download, have a look here.

16.6. 2016

Three contributions by Václav Skala just appeared in the Proceedings of the International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2015:

3.6. 2016

Two contributions of our group will appear at SGP 2016:

  • work by Martin Maňák on changes of the empty space between balls when they shrink simultaneously at a constant speed, using a new concept of bridges that helps to overcome disconnected cases
  • work by a team of authors lead by Libor Váša on the accuracy of curvature estimation in triangle meshes, proposing some new ways to guess which estimator will work best

Corresponding papers will appear in the special issue of Computer Graphics Forum.

25.5. 2016

Martin Prantl (supervised by Ivana Kolingerová) has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award (area rendering) of GRAPP conference 2016 for the paper entitled Fast Screen Space Curvature Estimation on GPU. Congratulations!

4.5. 2016

There will be two presentations of our group at CGVCVIP 2016: Zuzana Majdišová and Václav Skala have a paper on radial basis function approximation with reproduction accepted, and Michal Šmolík and Václav Skala will present their paper on RBF interpolation with spherical distance calculation for vector field approximation.


A paper on comparison of two methods for scattered data approximation by Michal Šmolík, Václav Skala and Ondřej Nedvěd has been accepted for presentation at ICCSA 2016.


Two papers of our group have been accepted for publication at SIGGRAD 2016: a paper on radial basis function approximation for large datasets by Zuzana Majdišová and Václav Skala, and a paper on using RBF for simplified vector field description by Michal Šmolík and Václav Skala. Congratulations!


A paper on the visualization of Connolly surfaces by Martin Maňák, Lukáš Jirkovský and Ivana Kolingerová has been accepted for publication in Computer Graphics Forum. The proposed method uses Voronoi diagrams to extract parts of the surface and GPU ray casting for rendering. This combination makes a subsequent analysis of empty space in proteins interactive for any probe radius.

1.3. 2016

Martin Prantl has presented his work joint work with Libor Váša and Ivana Kolingerová on screen space curvature computation at GRAPP 2016. More details and demo can be found here.

20.1. 2016

Roman Soukal has successfuly defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Walking location algorithms", supervised by Ivana Kolingerová. Congratulations! His presentation can be found here.

4.12. 2015

Martin Maňák and Ivana Kolingerová will have a paper on edge tracing in weighted Voronoi diagrams with disconnected skeletons published in the Information Processing Letters next year. Congrats!

20.10. 2015

A paper on more efficient simulation of muscles by Tomáš Janák and Josef Kohout has been accepted for publication and will be presented at 15th International Conference on Bioinformatics & Bioengineering (BIBE2015) in November.

29.9. 2015

Václav Skala, Zuzana Majdišová and Michal Šmolík have a paper on computing 3D convex hulls accepted for publication in the Advances in Engineering Software journal. Congratulations!

22.9. 2015

A paper on using image metrics for 3D mesh quality evaluation by Libor Váša and our french colleagues Guillaume Lavoué and Chaker Larabi has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, and it is now available for download as a pre-print.

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